About us!

I founded ITSoft in 1992 and went into self-employment with BDAdmin, a software for Data Protection Officials. BDAdmin enabled Data Protection Officials to create and maintain the then postulated procedure directory.

About 1996/97 I got to know the BSI IT Grundschutz, saw its relation to Data Protection and realized that Data Protection and IT Security have to be covered together as first software developer.
In 1998 our BDAdmin module SecuMax was finished and we brought it out a considerable time earlier than the GSTool and other „BSI-GSTool based tools“. When the GSTool was published and monopolized the whole German IT Security market we could only bring it near the users that realized – as we did – that Data Protection and IT Security belong together.

In 2002 I change the name ITSoft to kronsoft because ITSoft was not patentable – unfortunately I only registered the ITSoft.de domain in 1992 and not the corresponding .com domain.

We also enhanced BDAdmin with the Inventory tool ScanMax in 2002 but because of the late market entry (in terms of: late for such tools) we could only rarely or low-priced bring it near the users.

In 2008 we delivered BDAdmin Helpdesk to customers for the first time. My aspiration then was: give the IT worker a tool for all his tasks – by the way the same aspiration as today.

In 2004 we began to re-create BDAdmin – the structure of the database did not allow for easily adding new modules. It should also get a more modern user interface and most important: a new name.
It was not easy to find a new and patentable name – we thought to have found one in iToo, got this new name patented and almost immediately the Spanish Telefonica, having registered the trademark o2 put our nose out of joint.
We looked for quite some time to no avail but finally found „opus i“ as new name and had that patented – opus i is an abbreviation of „opus information technology“ – and an opus it really is, the development took four years – maybe because  we added the new module „ISO 27001“ in the redevelopment stage.

How will kronsoft continue? One thing is for sure, kronsoft will remain a family business (blood is thicker than water) and we will stay true to our aspiration.
What we plan for the future has to stay confidential – come over from time to time and have a look.

The Team

Oliver Blum (2004)
Assistant, WEB, Engineering, Translations

Rolf Schneider (2007)
Software Engineering

Sebastian Kron (2015)
Software Engineering

Valentina Koroleva (2015)
Special Tasks

Gerhard Kron (1992)
Software Engineering and everything else left to do

In memory of our genius
Siegfried Petry (1994) died 2006
Software Engineering

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Software for Data Protection, IT Security and Quality Management

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