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SolBenefit Photovoltaik Software by kronsoft

Photovoltaic Software:

Create graphical and monetary reports to your photovoltaic power plant. SolBenefit administrates up to three inverters.
Graphics in pie and line charts. Evaluations over several years. Break even point...

WEBSiteWatcher SEO Software by kronsoft

SEO Software:

Customers, visitors and search engines do net get a good impression if your website is not available. The value of the site suffers - google may cdecrease the pagerank. WEBSiteWatcher supervises up to 12 websites for their availability. WEBSiteWatcher sends an email if the website is not available and when it is available again. Including logging.

ellfi Desktop-Organisation Software by kronsoft

Desktop Software:

Do you also have “100 Icons on the desktop”. Do you hate it when you can´t find the one you´re looking for fast? ellfi takes in all the shortcuts, shows them in a table and helps you with a clean desktop. ellfi waits on the top screen on its next use.

WinSave Backup Software by kronsoft

Backup Software:

Our most successful Freeware.  WinSave  is the guardian angel for data. No more data loss when creating backups with WinSave. WinSave is a freely configurable backup software. It works automatically if so desired. WinSave should only be used by  users with good computer windows knowledge. It is not suited for beginners (but SensCopy is) ! WinSave does not save your operating system... it saves files like pictures, letters,...

sensCopy Backup Software by kronsoft

Backup Software:

sensCopy copied complete drives e.g. to an external medium. sensCopy works with little breaks resulting in the user being able to work normally while the backup runs. sensCopy is a backup solution for computer beginners and experts.

AgendaX Terminplaner Software by kronsoft

Disk Space Mapper: list drives and directories according to size.

The used space on our hard drives increases continually. Backups take more time. But do we really need als files we backup regularly?
We would have to search the hard drive manually on a regular basis. But who has such time available?
lists the directories according to their space. Now obsolete files can be searched.

cryptMax Verschlüsselung Software by kronsoft

Encryption software:

cryptMax encrypts directories on your computer. cryptMax protects your confidential data e.g. if on travels etc.
Decryption is done in the same way as encrypting: start cryptMax, select directory and enter password.

FileRename Datei-Organisation Software by kronsoft

Rename files:

FileRename supports you in renaming many files in one step and also adjusts the file date. Typical useage scenarios are the renaming of holiday pictures or the change of the file date and time. The restore of old file information (name, date,...) is supported. If you made a mistake simply undo your changes.

AgendaX Terminplaner Software by kronsoft

Keep all appointments in mind:

AgendaX is your little time planner in table form. Appointments can be entered in a 15 minute period. Reminders 1 week, 1 day or x minutes before the appointment can be set. AgendaX is sleeping in the system tray until the appointment...

WinExtract Daten filtern und Dubletten Software by kronsoft

Extract and filter data and edit doublets:

WinExtract can filter the desired information from vast amounts of data. This can be address data or other data in list form.

eMax Serien-E-Mail Software by kronsoft

Send serial emails:

eMax can send serial emails to friends and customers. You only need a SMTP mail account. The sent mails are logged with time stamp.

eMax and WinCust use the same database and can be operated in the same directory. If you do that simply copy the exe file in the other directory.


WinCust Kundenverwaltung Software by kronsoft

Customer administration and/or electronic phone book:

WinCust can administrate customer data or data of friends. It can create bills, send mails, send serial letters or print christmas cards. Notes can be saved permanently in any size. Graphics can be added.

WinCust and eMax use the same database and can be operated in the same directory. If you do that simply copy the exe file in the other directory.

The password for extracting the respective file is:    0123456789#kronsoft# 

Software for Data Protection, IT Security and Quality Management

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