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You find the cryptUltimate prices in the cryptUltimate Price list.
(*) For the encryption of locally stored files (not being sent) we provide cryptMax in the Freeware area.

Basically you have no change - your “sent” data will be decrypted - it is only a matter of time.
But if you manage to keep this sent data confidential for six to twelve months you have reached the maximum safety. cryptUltimate helps you with that*.

There are three different encryption procedures used in cryptUltimate. These cryptographic routines are being run in different order up to 12 times depending on the structure of your “Private key”. Through your “Private-Key” you are creating an encryption system that exists only once world-wide.

You know the developer

cryptUltimate is developed and distributed by kronsoft. You know who you are giving your trust to.

Wide-spread encryption software is considered most attractive by hackers and secret services. That is why we are especially careful who is licenced by us.
No special hardware needed for cryptUltimate. The encrypted data can be sent by any e-mail software.

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