opus i is one of the leading Data Protection tools in Germany.  opus i  supports you in all areas of your work: You realize legal and internal regulations, individually and efficiently evaluate and manage procedures.

Optimize your Data Protection activities
opus i supports you in the procedure evaluation and the documentation of processing activities, internal and external requests and provides Data Protection know-how, checklists and templates for policies and contracts. opus i helps you to save valuable time - that´s exactly what we intended. Everything is possible and everything is fast!

The Data Protection Management Package

- EU GDPR incl. records of processing activities
- EU GDPR incl. records of processing activities for Order Data Processors
- enhanceable to own requirements
- TOMs - technical and organisational safeguards
- Order data processing (incl. contract template*)
- Prior checking (incl. checking plan*)
- Officer management functions incl. annual report
(*) via ‘ Praxisratgeber Datenschutz und Datensicherheit ’ (only available in German)

Records of data processing (according to the EU GDPR)

The records of data processing are maintained and supervised in opus i. You work according to the requirements of the EU GDPR already. Adaptations to other requirements (additional laws, interal regulations, ...) can be done anytime. Information already entered can be provided when entering the next record of data processing via mouse-click. Records of data processing can be copied and used as a template for new ones. You can even adapt the standard to your requirements.

Records of data processing for Order Data Processing (according to the EU GDPR)

Order data processors have to document and adapt their “products” to the requirements of the regulation - additionally to the regular requirements of the EU GDPR. opus i supports you in this with “records of data processing for order data processing”.

The technical and organisational safeguards

You can assign the technical and organisational safeguards in opus i directly to any record of data processing (as you know from the capturing forms). But you can also enter the TOMs for the storage location. When entering the TOMs once you save a lot of time. If for certain processing additional technical and organisational safeguards are implemented you can docment them accordingly.
If you licence the IT-Grundschutz module in opus i you already have about 600 technical and organisational safeguards from IT security that were classified by the  “Bundesbeauftragter für Datenschutz” as Data Protection safeguards.

Order data processing (ODP)

see “Records of data processing for Order Data Processing”

The Data Protection know-how

The code of practice “Data protection and data security" (Publisher “Mensch und Medien”) can be integrated into opus i. It’s in German.

The client capability

opus i is completely client capable - branches or different customers can be maintained in opus i as "clients". You can work according to different rules and regulations within the "clients". Editing different data protection regulations at the same time is no problem to opus i.

The work of the Data Protection Official

There are special functions for the Data Protection Official in opus i to document his work and keep it provable. There are dialogs for "Requests", "Special knowledge", "Activities" and "Planned activities" for the DPO. "Activities" consist of everything you do, e.g. trainings, checks, meetings, audits, etc. Immediately available reports show activities, expenditures and progress of activities. opus i uses the documented activities and the internal procedure directory to automatically generate the annual Data Protection report. The creation of the annual data protection report supports you in your task as Data Protection Official immensely. You are tasked to keep a data protection diary so as not to forget any details. You work effectively and purposefully. The opus i report is deliberately kept short and precise so the management "enjoys reading it". After creating the report you can edit it in a text editor. Adding information and changing format is possible.


Several evaluations are implemented in opus i that can be done down to a single data field. The print preview not only allows printing but also creating PDF documents and HTLM reports (web-capable page) or XML reports. The opus i reports can be watermarked ("confidential") or comments, borders or indicator arrows can be added.

Time-saving functions

Several function help you to save valuable work time; e.g. the correctness-check shows you within second all no completely documented procedures. If there are security incidents or data protection violations opus i can show the interdependencies ("cross reference") between data protection related elements and thus enables a purposeful check and improvement of a work process. The "bring-forward" supervises all processes set on a date (even when opus i is not running).

Design your own Data Protection tool

opus i is built like the Windows Explorer and thus can be used intuitively. You work with and in folders. The procedure directory and the official dialogs are within folders. You can move, hide or delete these folders. You can decide for yourself which folders you want to see on top by cutting and pasting.

Long-time Data Protection experience

In 1992 kronsoft was the first provider of a Data Protection tool. In the more than 20 years of our cooperation with Data Protection officials we learned a lot of our customers. We used this know-how for opus i. We are grateful to our customers for their continuous description of new Data Protection aspects and the resulting demands to their tool.

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