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In opus i all Data Protection laws can be depicted.

All Data Protection Laws

Data Protection requirements based on other regulations

Your internal requirements of documentation and management

opus i All Data Protection laws
opus i Other laws with Data Protection regulations
opus i Internal Data Protection requirements

In opus i Data Protection Management the EU GDPR with the records of data processing and the now obsolete "Data Protection procedures" are supported. It often happens that the records of data processing are required to document certain additional legal requirements and in that opus i is pretty good. From time to time we are asked if opus i can depict or support the IDW audit standards and we can answer that with yes. Of course opus i is not delivered that oversized. We clearly structured opus i for easy entry. Because opus i is built in a folder structure it can easily be used by data protection newcomers. Whenever new requirements arise you decide if you want to add a new entry field or if you choose another method like creating new folders for notes or adding external documents. It is essential that such additional information does not disappear but is always at hand. We achieve that by referencing elements, e.g. including an important note directly in the process structure of the record of data processing.

For the DPO it is essential that he is free in designing his own work. In opus i he can decide if he uses the predetermined data fields or changes them or adds new ones. You can reach your goal as you desire.

Praxisratgeber Datenschutz und Datensicherheit (only available in German)

Praxisratgeber Datenschutz und Datensicherheit von Helmut Bartels

All documents can directly be opened and may be used without any restrictions.

18 checklists, contracts, policies

42 contract templates

7 Zielgruppenbezogene

25 checklists (PDF) and additionally as VISIO-files to adapt to own requirements

The basic safeguards are documented once for the storage location! Additional TOMs are deposited at the record of data processing.

The technical and organisational safeguards (TOMs)

Die techn. und organ. Maßnahmen werden einmal dokumentiert, nicht bei jeder Verfahrensbeschreibung

Of course you can document the technical and organisational safeguards (TOMs) in every record of data processing in opus i. But think about the amount of time for maintaining these documentations. We know you do not have the time to do this. That is why we give you  the possibility to only document the technical and organisational safeguards (TOMs) only once and reference them in the respective record of data processing.

We consider this way to handle the TOMs the most professional management. You minimize the amount of time needed and work legal . Ask yourself from now on whenever you are documenting data protection matters: how do I document in a practical way and at the same time legal so I can manage within the available time?

Document your activities in opus i! opus i creates your annual report and overview lists (requests, reports, special knowledge proof, activities, plannings).

The Officer dialogs 

special-knowledge proof

the internal and external requests

the other activities

the planned work

the special-knowledge proof

save your reports


Collected in the annual report.

Via mouse-click!

The annual report of the DPO is delivered as template. That can be adjusted by you.
Automatic creation.

The annual report of the Data Protection Official

the opus i annual report

- created via mouseclick
- report period selectable
- considers previous years
- gathers the special-knowledge proof

- shows management information about
  * procedure directory
  * requests, special-knowledge, activities, plannings
  * trainings
  * obligations

Office document (RTF) 

the opus i annual report

opus i generates the public procedure directory directly from the internal procedure directory via mouseclick if necessary. You do not create it, it is simply there, always current without any efforts in creating or maintaining!

The public procedure directory

Do not create and maintain

but generate via mouseclick.


The Assistant in opus i

The Assistent in opus i  retrieves additional information. Nothing can be overlooked or forgotten! Simply edit the list and tick off!

Der Assistent. Ein Template, Gefüllt mit Selektionslisten.

The assistant is a preconfigured template.

And like everything else in opus i you can edit and enhance it.

Der Assistent lernt...

The selection list fills itself with every new entry...

Helmut Bartels successful manual is an opus i module. Knowledge from 30 years of Data Protection and Quality Management is included.


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opus i EU Data Protection regulation GDPR

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